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Basketball Artifical Grass

Basketball Artifical Grass

Looking to upgrade a tired bitumen playground with a vibrant synthetic grass basketball court that is free from trip hazards. The Synthetic Grass Warehouse can repair your schools cracked, dipped concrete or bitumen surface prior to installation of your new artificial grass basketball court.

The Synthetic Grass Warehouse’ basketball court surfaces are 19mm sand filled synthetic grass, which provides optimum performance for ball bounce on a concrete slab or crushed rock base. They’re perfect for school grounds, to community playgrounds, sporting clubs and can be SCALED TO SIZE FOR BACKYARDS!

Line markings  are individually cut in for each court,  we do not paint on line markings,  as they can fade with time, age and weather.

The Synthetic Grass Warehouse’ synthetic grass courts can be designed for multiple sports, with line markings integrated onto the court surface for netball, basketball, volleyball and bat tennis.

Enjoy Your very own Individually Tailored Synthetic Grass Basketball Court

Looking to create a half a half size court at home? New to range is Cool Play a 23mm synthetic grass that is 25% cooler than other synthetics.

Installing an artificial grass basketball practice court in your backyard will encourage the kids to get off the computers and go outside to practice, train and/or play. At the same time you can keep an eye on things!

Basketball Court Synthetic Grass Options and Court Accessories
  • Court Turf PE – A 19mm synthetic grass surface available in all the primary colours.  Designed for commercial use. With a total product weight of 1923gms/m2, it is a very wise choice for high usage/school installations.
  • Cool Play – 23mm synthetic grass available in a variety of colours.  Total weight of 1982gms/m2.

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In addition to basketball court synthetic grass, be sure to ask about the supply and installation of court accessories, including tower, netting and lighting.