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Best Seller Pro Lawn 25mm Synthetic Grass

One of our Best Selling Synthetic Grass types –  Pro Lawn 25mm not only looks good, is hard wearing and comes at an affordable price tag.  Very popular with landscapers.  Pro Lawn 25mm Synthetic Grass has a short soft green pile with a grey fleck.  Ideal for stickdown jobs with a low recess ie sliding glass door onto concrete.  An easy to maintain lawn if you have considerable leaf litter, nuts or berries.

AUD $24.00/psm

This product comes with an 10 year manufacturer’s warranty protecting the consumer’s product against UV protection failure, manufacturer’s workmanship, primary and secondary backing failure, unreasonable product deterioration under normal usage circumstances. The warranty does not cover misuses, negligence, incorrect installation methods or use of non-specified chemicals on the surface.

This product is made with a heavy metal free yarn which is protected against UV degradation and light fastness to meet the highest standards.

Colour:              Soft green with beige fleck

Pile Height:      25mm

Stiches Rate:    14 per 10cm

Width:                3.71m

Total Weight:  2187gm/psm2

Infill Rate:        Kilm dried sand 5-7kg/m2

Warranty:         10 years

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