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“I can’t tell you how much I love the end result of your grass installation. As I said to you earlier, I was really pleased when I arrived this morning and saw the effect as I drove towards the building – the grass has given a real “lift” to the appearance of the building – this was exactly what I had hoped would happen.

On closer inspection, as viewed from the balconies above or on the ground as you come out of the events room, the impact is even more striking and has truly turned our grubby-looking “courtyard” into a garden in which anyone would now be very happy to hold their wedding ceremony or corporate cocktail party.

I am thrilled with the product and look forward to seeing many many patrons enjoying themselves on your/our grass and hope that it brings you a great deal of extra business. I would like to add that I was also really impressed with the way you dealt with us – you were attentive and responded rapidly to our urgent need of a quote and even more urgent installation. Finally, I feel that the service that you and your staff have supplied has made the whole experience a positive one – your staff that installed the grass were also very attentive and answered our questions and I was impressed that you all seem to be as proud of the job as we are.

Thank you again, and I would be happy if you would like to use my words above in a testimonial on your website.

All the best,”